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In many cases, a wheel installation kit is required to properly install your new wheels. Your original lug nuts or bolts may not be the same size or length needed for the new wheels, and centering rings are highly recommended for a proper installation.

We do indeed offer fully mounted and balanced packages that arrive to your door ready to install! We do have certain logistical limitations with special order items that may ship directly to our customers, or when wheels and tires are located in different provinces. Feel free to contact us to see if we can assemble your wheel and tire combination. If we aren't able to, we'll be happy to suggest a similar looking wheel or comparable tire.

All of our prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.

No duties or hidden fees are charged to orders shipped in Canada. Orders shipping from Canada to the United States are subject to duties and brokerage fees.

We sure do! If you have a valid Indian status card and your order is shipping to an Indian reserve, please be sure to send us an email with a picture of your card and we will send you a tax exempt quote.

No, we do not. All of our wheels are new.

No, we strictly sell aftermarket wheels.


If you found a lower price elsewhere, we can definitely try to match the price BEFORE your order has been placed. Once an order is placed, no price match requests will be accepted. For more details please see our Price Match page here.

A "test fit" is putting your wheels on the hub of your car to verify proper bolt pattern/hub compatibility and suspension/caliper clearance before a tire is installed. We require all wheels to be test fitted prior to tire installation for a few reasons. In the rare case that your order was picked incorrectly, or boxed incorrectly at the factory, test fitting will mitigate any issues with returns. In the rare case that vehicle year, make, model or submodel was given incorrectly, test fitting would help identify any issues with fitment.

We definitely can! If you have purchased the wheels from us, you can simply provide us with your order number and we will be able to find the correct suited part number for your replacement wheel or center cap. If you purchased the wheels elsewhere, or they came with your car, we may still be able to assist you, but cannot provide a guarantee that the replacements will perfectly match your existing wheels without having a specific SKU or part number. All single replacement items are final sale.

There could be 3 reasons why no centering rings were included with your order. The most common reason would be that your wheel is made hub-centric to your vehicle and does not require centering rings. Another reason why no rings are included in an order is due to the type of wheel ordered. Steel wheels, or wheels with push-through style derby caps do not take centering rings. Lastly, trucks with 8 bolt lug patterns generally do not use centering rings, so they are not included with our installation kits.

No, we do not buy back wheels.


We generally have a preference for plastic centering rings over metal, so there's a high chance that you will receive plastic centering rings.. Our salty winter climate has a tendency of getting metal centering rings stuck in the wheel or on the hub of your car or truck.

Structurally, winter-approved and summer-only wheels are identical. The difference is exclusively in the paint finish. Summer-only wheels may have a chrome, machined, milled or polished finish that is not recommended for winter use. Winter-approved wheels can be used all year round as they have a durable paint finish that will not tarnish, pit or peel even during harsh winter months.


Well, that can be tricky to predict. Lead times will vary depending on brand and season, but you can generally expect lead times of 2 to 4 months. We do suggest signing up to our "out of stock" notification tool, you'll receive an email the very same day the product becomes available for purchase!

A special order means that the wheel or tire you are looking for would have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer which can often times be located in the US. Extra lead time is needed to transfer the inventory into Canada before your order ships. Inventory transfer times will vary depending on brand and location.

Absolutely! We have access to most major brands. In certain cases, if the product is new, we may not yet list it on our site, but can most definitely source it for you. Feel free to contact us with and we will do our best to help.


Yes! We do ship alloy wheels to the United States, but for logistical reasons, we do not ship tires or mounted packages. Orders shipping to the United States from Canada are subject to duties/brokerage fees which customers are responsible for.

We use various shipping companies to offer the best service and competitive pricing. Most of our order will ship with Loomis, Purolator, Fedex, Dicom and Canpar. Palletized orders may ship with various LTL freight companies.

We are proud to offer free shipping on all sets of 4 or more alloy wheels to any urban area in Canada. Shipping prices on tires are calculated at checkout. Certain exceptions may apply for oversized items and rural or remote areas outside of regular shipping zones. If you do not wish to pay any additional shipping fees, we can always ship your order to the nearest city for pickup!


Since we're primarily an online business, we do not have a showroom to view our wheels in person.

We work with carefully selected affiliates! If you have a large following on social media or frequently post on a car-related forum, feel free to reach out to us. We're always open to new possibilities.

We primarily focus on retail sales, but do have a few select wholesale clients we deal with that buy on a regular basis. If you are looking to open a wholesale account, please do feel free to contact us.

Contact us, check your Order status, or check our Tech Center.